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Thank you for visiting us. K9 Solutions was originally started by Penny Buckner-Eng and Marvin Eng. If you're looking for us, you've found us!

K9 Solutions was one of the first professional dog training companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of professional dog trainers provided in-home training for dogs and their families for a decade and a half under the management of Penny and Marvin. We specialized in behavioural assessments, risk assessments, and behaviour modification for dogs. Anger management classes were our specialty! We certified many of Toronto's best Professional Dog Trainer's through our Instructor Trainer program.

K9 Solutions has evolved into K9 Montessori. Marvin Eng and Penny Buckner-Eng are excited to partner with Sandy Nonnewitz and Angus Mak, allowing us to continue to offer profession dog training through K9 Montessori.

K9 Montessori offers obedience training, protection training for service and police dogs, behaviour and risk assessments, behaviour modification and our Instructor Trainer Program. For a description of our full services, please visit our new website for K9 Montessori.

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